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Struggling cryptohedge fund says it will still do well even if bitcoin becomes ''
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Even if bitcoin ends up like the defunct dot-com-era, Pantera Capital's Dan Morehead says his investors "will probably do very well." "If you had a portfolio of IPOs — one was and one was — it doesn't matter what the rest were.

Crypto Charting: 5 More Charts On The Outlook For Bitcoin Prices
Posted on Saturday March 17, 2018

Heavy shorting of bitcoin investment trusts and futures show there is still a significant element of pessimism in the market. Premium vs. NAV for bitcoin investment trusts and Google search interest sentiment are moving away from contrarian bearish signals ...

Chart Shows Bitcoin Hitting $91,000 By March 2020
Posted on Saturday March 17, 2018

Warren Buffett has concerns about Bitcoin and Allianz’s Head of Global Economics & Strategy thinks it could fall to $0. But Tom Lee, Fundstrat Global Advisors’ Head of Research, thinks it could rise to $91,000 by March 2020. Fundstrat and Lee have ...

Bitcoin Miners Can Now Be Charged Extra for Electricity, New York Power Authorities Say
Posted on Saturday March 17, 2018

The New York state Public Service Commission has ruled that power companies can charge higher rates to cryptocurrency mining operations, which have moved into the state’s north to take advantage of low-cost hydropower. The ruling, reported by industry ...

How Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could kill off cash
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Virtual currencies have been part of the world’s monetary system since 2009, when Bitcoin became the first of what is now a handful of these so-called cryptocurrencies. Digital currency transactions take place in online exchanges, lending an anonymity ...

French Company Creates Ethereum Mining Rig That Is Literally A Space Heater
Posted on Monday March 12, 2018

I remember first mining Litecoin in 2013 with a quad-Radeon 290x rig and thinking “this is going to be perfect during the winter.” Those suckers sat comfortably at around 92C, and the “space heater” jokes among both gamers and miners were merciless.

Security Settles on Ethereum in Blockchain Post-Trade First
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

In a first-of-a-kind transaction happening Friday, all it takes to switch from the old world of centralized clearing houses to the frontier of decentralized blockchains is the press of a button. A company called Marex Solutions is issuing two separate ...

Ethereum Price Forecast: ETH Might Pop Ahead of Anticipated Airdrop
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

A three-year-old blockchain startup from MIT’s Media Lab recently accepted $20.0 million in venture capital, raising investors’ expectations about its upcoming airdrop. The startup is called Eximchain. It is a blockchain company looking to adapt ...

Crypto N’ Kafe Coffee On Ethereum Blockchain
Posted on Thursday March 15, 2018

A Quick Glance Through Crypto ‘N’ Kafe Project. Crypto N’ Kafe is a Pan Africa Coffee industry in a decentralized consumer ecosystem powered by blockchain. Crypto N Kafe aim to be the first coffee trading ecosystem entirely supporting small scale ...

Playboy will soon accept cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, and a little-known coin that could change how porn is paid for online
Posted on Wednesday March 14, 2018

Playboy is adding cryptocurrency payments to its digital content, the company announced Wednesday. The crypto wallet, set for release by the end of 2018, will let viewers use bitcoin and ethereum to buy pornography on Playboy.TV. Playboy will also accept ...

Litecoin Price Prediction: Charlie Lee Sweeps HODLers Off Their Feet with 3 Big Surprises
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

If you’re an LTC HODLer, today’s news update will send you to cloud nine with supreme ecstasy. We have not one, not two, but three jumbo-sized, action-packed news stories to celebrate today. Litecoin’s transaction speed is about to get a nitrous ...

Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash Among 20 Cryptocurrencies Added to Abra
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Cryptocurrency wallet app Abra now supports 20 different cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin, the startup announced in a press release Thursday. Abra is an app aimed at making cryptocurrency purchase and exchange an easy process ...

Google's Advertisement Ban Is Bullish, Not Bearish, For Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum And Litecoin
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin do not need advertisement, because they are well-known in the investment community. Yet investors seem to think otherwise. So when they learned that Google had announced that it is planning ...

What is Litecoin? — a short guide
Posted on Thursday March 08, 2018

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. It lets you send money to a friend over the internet or buy something from an online retailer that accepts this method of payment. Unlike fiat currencies like the dollar and euro, Litecoin is not managed bу ...

Bitcoin and Litecoin Price prediction for today: BTC/USD key level at $10660, LTC/USD looking at $192,97
Posted on Tuesday March 13, 2018

Bitcoin trading in the lows' area of the current technical outlook Key levels for BTC/USD: $8500 on the downside, $10660 on the upside Litecoin has a vital support at $166.50, while key resistance is at $192.97 European trading has started with BTC/USD ...

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